share the bitter love

If you had to ask us to describe what this amaro project is all about, the phrase "share the bitter love" would certainly be repeated.  Patrick has had bitter in his blood since I met him back in 2001.  When asked why he wants to make amaro, and why he loves it, his answer is always "it's bitter, like me."  Truth is, there's nothing bitter about him; he's just a big mush. But if he gets a whiff of the fact that the person he's talking to is interested in hearing about amaro, hold on, because he'll be talking bitter to you for a LONG time.

share the bitter love pink.jpg

One night, early in the amaro test production phase, after having a few drinks, Patrick said "I just want to share the bitter love."  That phrase stuck with us; we hashtag it to a nauseating degree but it's our ethos and I hope it is always true.