Countdown to bottling...

I know from all my winemaker friends that there are always delays in the production process that cannot be avoided.  We've had quite a few delays and hiccups, super annoying and tension-filled as they were happening.  Hopefully they are in the rear view mirror, and it will be smooth sailing right into bottling next week. 

There are two tanks in the above photo; on the left is Batch 1, which we put through a final filtration today.  Filtering was the great unknown for us; most of the wines we work with are unfiltered and often unfined, too.  Not even an option for amaro.  

The tank on the right contains Batch 2; herbs and botanicals will be macerating in the grape spirit for another two weeks.

We are super excited about the final version of Batch 1, post filtration.  The elements are all in sync, with bitter flavors, botanicals and alcohol in perfect balance.  The primary aromas are rosemary, bitter orange and saffron.  Most importantly for us, the amaro is assertively bitter, with very little perception of sweetness.  This is an amaro for bitter lovers, slightly gnarly, with high-toned aromatics.  And we love the beautiful amber color; naturally achieved (no coloring agents were used in the production process.)