Batch 2

While we patiently wait for Batch 1 to finish, Patrick and I have moved forward to start producing Batch 2.  Because the production process for our amaro takes several months, and there are always unavoidable delays, we thought it best to be organized and proactive and start working on the next batch before we bottle Batch 1.  Once again, we started with a base of beautiful grape spirit, distilled by Travis Smith in his copper still at Spiritsmith in Sebastopol. Batch 2 will be double the size of Batch 1; it should yield around 1700 bottles.

We strive to go local as possible in producing our amaro.  The grape spirit comes from locally grown grapes (in Sonoma County).  The rosemary (which is a dominant flavor in the aroma) comes from our backyard.


We try to source as many of the dried herbs as close to home as possible.  Some are only grown in the Middle East and Asia, so we couldn't go local on all our ingredients.

bitter orange, gentian and rhubarb

bitter orange, gentian and rhubarb


Citrus is a very important component of our amaro.  We use fresh grapefruit peel, from California.  Patrick always has the enviable task of peeling the grapefruit (I hate that job).  Our amaro is truly "hand crafted."


The herbs will macerate for a period of three weeks, and we will stir periodically to infuse the flavors.  Once maceration is complete, we will remove the herbs, and after settling, we will rack the spirit to barrel.