Amaro Bilaro.  Our first Amaro.  Made in the style we love: balanced, bracing and most importantly, bitter. 

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Amaro di Sebastopol.  This is amaro crafted in west Sonoma County, the land of wind and fog.  Made from premium grape spirit distilled at Spiritsmith in Sebastopol, from grapes grown throughout Sonoma County.  From grape to glass.

Our many years here in wine country and in the business have provided us with access to the best ingredients, techniques and people to produce an exceptional grape base spirit.  We macerate our spirit with13 different herbs and botanicals in tank, and then let it gently rest in barrel for several months before bottling by hand.  Amaro Bilaro is local, bitter, made in small batches and was proudly launched in July, 2016.

Bilaro is a dream realized by husband and wife team Patrick Bickford and Susan LaRossa.  Patrick and Susan met and fell in love while working in the fast-paced wine business, in restaurants in New York City in the early aughts.  While wine was the centerpiece, amaro was always in the background.  Numerous work trips to Italy always concluded with bottles of amari in transit; at one count over 40 bottles were on the bar at home.  

Fast-forward nearly a decade, and Patrick and Susan moved west, settling in Sebastopol, west Sonoma County, CA.  While building their wine sales consulting business, blr wine co., they began recipe testing and developing a plan for their own amaro.  Living so close to some of the best vineyards in California helped convince them to use premium grape spirit as their base, rather than the usual grain spirit base of most amari.  A mutual friend introduced them to Travis Smith of Spiritsmith, who became their distiller.  

"Our love for all things vinous and bitter are happily married in Bilaro. Our mission is to share the bitter love with friends old and new.  Salute!"

Susan & Patrick
Sebastopol, California 2016

Interested in carrying Amaro Bilaro for your bar or shop?  Please get in touch with us, and we'll get right back to you with more information on how to order.